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Tree Service Lilburn: Why You NEED to Hire an Arborist

Let me tell you a story: it’s about when I was a younger man and way more reckless.

I thought I knew just about everything.

Me and my pals had been hanging out in Lilburn City Park, by some trees near the walking trail, doing nothing in particular. It’s embarrassing to think about how much free time we had back then—and how little we did with it—but I digress.

My pal Josh, thinking he was such a wise guy, threw my shoe up into a tree branch as a prank.

Don’t ask me why my shoes were off—but the shoe ended up in this tall oak tree.

Well, I scampered right up there to grab it. It was a good 15 to 20 feet tall, but I wasn’t going to march back to my place without my shoe, was I? Besides, the tree looked healthy enough. There were leaves on its branches, as far as I could tell.

I wasn’t scared at all, fueled by the energy and ambition of youth.

I scraped my shin a little bit on the way up the trunk, but its first boughs were just a bit taller than me. I pulled my legs up and kicked them onto the next branch. Then I managed to get upright. I remember Josh gently taunting me, but I was running on adrenaline, so it’s a little foggy.

The shoe was snagged on a branch just a little bit taller than I was. I only needed to hoist my weight up one more branch and I’d be able to get it down—and in time to get home for dinner, too.

I shimmied my weight onto the next bough—and then I heard a gigantic CRACK.

I had hit the ground before my brain even registered what was happening. Bam. Hot pain flowing through my arm.

Dislocated shoulder, it turned out. I was lucky I wasn’t hurt worse. But that ended up being a very expensive pair of shoes overall!

How Tree Accidents Can Happen to You

Arborists call trees like the one that I stood on ‘widow makers’. They look solid from outside, but they’re rotting on the inside. They’ve got enough weight that they can be propped up for a while, but that weight is also going to come down.

And it might come down on you, if you’re not careful.

Falling tree branches injure dozens and break thousands of dollars’ worth of property every year. Especially when homeowners in Lilburn scale up a tree thinking they’ll quickly saw off a branch and be done with it.

Only a trained, professional arborist has the experience and tools necessary to do what is a very dangerous job.

If you have a tree that needs felling or cutting in the Lilburn area, please don’t do it yourself. You don’t want to dislocate your shoulder—or worse.

Call Big Red Tree Service, LLC instead for tree removal or any other tree services you might need.Call today for a free estimate!