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Emergency Tree Removal in Snellville

While tree removal may seem straightforward to some, in an emergency situation, the removal of felled trees can be crucial to the safety of homeowners, emergency workers, and passersby. In these emergency situations, you are going to need a fast, efficient, and professional emergency tree removal service to get the job done.

Big Red Tree Service has been operating out of Snellville for more than 15 years, is top-rated for elite service with HomeAdvisor, and holds a reputation for accurate knowledge and superior client service locally.

Family-owned and operated, every member of our small business team take pride in the work they do, while management maintains a hands-on approach during every job. Give us a call any time of the day or night if you require emergency tree removal services in Snellville!

Preserving Snellville

Just because we provide tree services that often involve tree removal, doesn’t mean that Big Red Tree Service is not concerned about the local environment.

As professional arborists, we appreciate the natural beauty of a green landscape, and do our best to partake in upkeep and maintenance rather than removal whenever possible. However, in the case of an emergency, tree health becomes less of a priority than the lives of our clients.

If a tree on your property has been damaged by rough weather causing branches to fall into power lines, or causing the tree to fall over entirely, exit your home in the safest way possible, avoiding the tree and lines, and call Big Red Tree Service immediately.

And, while it makes sense to keep an eye out for your trees during a storm, trees can also be plagued with disease that hollow them out over time making them more likely to fall. Do your best to pay attention to your trees, and if you believe they are diseased, pick up the phone and give us a call.

Tree Removal Cost

When you get in touch with a member of our small but dedicated team, the first thing we’ll do is provide you with a free service estimate that applies to your unique situation.

Depending on the number of trees that need to be removed, and the situation that caused this problem in the first place, you could be looking at a range of prices.

At Big Red Tree Service, we try to make everything easy on our clients, especially in emergency situations. No one likes unexpected bills. With jobs starting at $250, our rates are the most competitive around.

Trusted Arborists

Snellville residents can count on the arborists at Big Red Tree Services to provide them with up-front and honest service estimates with no hidden costs, even for emergency services.

Any time of the day or night, give us a call if a tree on your property or its branches have fallen causing damage to your home or worse, power lines.

Our tree removal costs are competitive, and our service is friendly and understanding. Give us a call today to make your property safe again!